Lecturas de la negación

Lecturas de la negación - Estela Maldonado - Me cayó el veinte
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Me cayó el veinte

Comment by Jean Hyppolite on Denial of Freud during the seminar technical writings ... can be addressed differently if the sequence of two exhibitions of Lacan is taken : the February 3, 1954 preceding the intervention Hyppolite , as follows : from 10 February 1954 , in which Lacan presents and then returns the comment.

Both sessions are marked by clinical vignettes drawn from the Freudian texts .

Hyppolite 's commentary has effects that are evident in the importance given to the Verwerfung -the judgment of rejection- and the consequences of that relevance in the clinical approach .

If this approach is valid, reveal to consider this time of Lacan's teaching as giving primacy to the symbolic register , it would support.



Book: Lecturas de la negación

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