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Lengua materna - Joseph Jacotot - Cactus
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"All intelligences are equal". "You can teach what is ignored." "Explanations stun". "It is necessary to want the possible". "Any man can do everything he wants." "It is never the intelligence that is lacking, but the will". A dated fact, 1818, dragged Jacotot to the opinion of the equality of the intelligences. This opinion, as sustainable as the opposite, worked from there as a hypothesis to be verified. Hypothesis-celebration. It was a time of foundation. The "dawn of pedagogies" was established as one of the palpable results of the "revolution", but this aurora full of promises was sustained in the opinion of the inequality of the intelligences, in the lamentable separation between wise and ignorant. Hypothesis-lament. Nothing is true. It's just about seeing what life is under each hypothesis. Jacotot proves that the experience of emancipation has always been done. The mother tong...read more


Book: Lengua materna

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