Lenguaje y silencio

Ensayos sobre la literatura, el lenguaje y lo inhumano

Lenguaje y silencio - George Steiner - Editorial Gedisa
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Editorial Gedisa
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How should we assess language function after it has served to express falsehoods in totalitarian regimes, after it has been dragged into vulgarity and imprecision of democracies of mass consumption? How will you answer future scientific language requirements expresió-nes more accurate, as mathematics or logic? Steiner this volume devoted to the life of language through the ages, from ancient Greece and the Middle Ages to the ever unattainable achievements of Shakespeare, the lights and shadows of Baudelaire, Kafka, Thomas Mann, Broch or Beckett. His reflections focus on the possibilities of different genres bunk-rios and shake that complex energies of words provoke in our world. But it also evokes the limits of language. Before the end of heinous or the sublime seems to impose the muted. However, speaking beings language imposes a duty to pass even those experi-ences that are at the l...read more




Book: Lenguaje y silencio

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