Lenin reactivado

Hacia una política de la verdad

Lenin reactivado -  AA.VV. - Akal
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Reactivated Lenin is a call from some of the world's leading Marxist theorists to regain the attention that Lenin's important figure deserves. As the publishers of the book explain, it was Lenin who made Marx's thought explicitly political, who extended it beyond the limits of Europe and who, finally, put it into practice. They also insist on the urgent need to reread Lenin now that global capitalism seems the only alternative, the democratic-liberal system has emerged as a superior form of political organization of society and it is easier to imagine the end of the world than a Change in the production model. If Lenin restructured Marx's thinking according to the historical conditions of 1914, Lenin reactivated urges a reinterpretation of the revolutionary project for the present moment. In these essays, Lenin faces face-to-face with current problems, such as war, imperialism, the im...read more


Book: Lenin reactivado

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