Literatura y derecho. Ante la ley

Literatura y derecho. Ante la ley - Claudio Magris - Sexto Piso
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Sexto Piso
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Throughout the history of literature has often made ​​a denial of the right and the law . Great poets like Novalis even showed his deep contempt for the law, responsible for regulating the inherent human conflict , saying : " The domain of law will cease with barbarism ." With his usual erudition , clarity and elegance , Claudio Magris addresses the relationship between law and literature ; the apparent initial antagonism , Magris deeper contrasts and complex vision , and reveals that the coldness of the law is also what makes possible the warmth of life, passionately portrayed in literature . Thus claims the wealth of a relationship that , far from being in opposition , often ends up revealing important similarities.


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Book: Literatura y derecho. Ante la ley

ISBN: 9788496867352