Lo que esconde el agujero

Lo que esconde el agujero -  AA.VV. - Catarata
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Tapa Blanda

Pornography has taken over our sexuality and colonized the erotic imaginary. It pollutes what it touches in any culture and traverses iconography. Today it is sold as an expression of rebellion against conservative morality. It is promoted in the name of freedoms and yet does not lead to any libertarian or collective revolution. Our lives are denified because our productivity is unaffected. The citizen has incorporated as a right the unreversed exploitation of his eroticism, his fantasies and even of the intimacy of others. Adolescent sex education also goes through porn, free, varied and available twenty-four hours a day through the network thanks to algorithms that define their sexuality and offer them more (of the same). Meanwhile, the business figure of the entertainment and pleasure industry is increasing steadily. What's the black hole in porn? What egos dilate? Is it true that ...read more


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Book: Lo que esconde el agujero

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