Lograr el amor en la pareja 

El trabajo teapéutico de Bert Hellinger con parejas

Lograr el amor en la pareja  - Johannes Neuhauser - Herder
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Making love in the couple is a book for men and women of all ages who want to find fulfillment in their relationships. At the same time presents for the first time, a synthesis of the 25 years of experience of Bert Hellinger in therapeutic work with couples. Johannes Neuhauser, as editor, was focused on the insights of Bert Hellinger on the life cycle of every relationship: the first crush, the link, the successful relationship, parenting or shared sterility, the clear separation or a new beginning , painful crises in the relationship, the implications for families of origin and its solution, aging and death together. Other issues, like gay love or artificial insemination, open up new horizons. In dealing with fatalities in the marriage, peep the depth and scope of a relationship. Examples alive and moving, that arise from diverse issues presented, illustrating the work of Bert Hellin...read more


Book: Lograr el amor en la pareja 

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