Los 43 de Iguala

México: verdad y reto de los estudiantes desaparecidos

Los 43 de Iguala - Sergio González Rodríguez - Anagrama
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"I have before me," writes the author, "photographs, documents, reports, court transcripts, testimonies, recordings, videos about the extreme cruelty that happened on a summer night in a city in southern Mexico, Which, through a mutual intermingling of events, predestinations, chance, intentions, becomes an exact example of the validity of the perverse under the semblance of the normal: where power and the countervailing power of the global order converge. Of September 26, 2014 in Iguala, Guerrero, dozens of Mexican students were attacked by police and criminals. Then one of the most shocking barbaries of recent times happened. According to the Mexican government, the youths were kidnapped and beaten and tortured before being killed; Their bodies were incinerated by criminals. The families of the victims refused to accept what happened under a claim: "Alive took them, alive we want th...read more


Book: Los 43 de Iguala

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