Los amores amarillos

Los amores amarillos - Tristan Corbière - Pre-Textos
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In Spain, Juan Ramon Jimenez told Ricardo Gullón: "Corbiere is a fully current poet, and do not think there's anything more modern than his love poems in" Les amours jaunes "But Enrique Díez Canedo, in his." Anthology French poetry, from romanticism to surrealism ", had accepted him as one of the greatest figures of his time. He looked like a poor devil, and dying and opened his will is possessed capricious and desperately treasure of music and words. that verleniano to "wring the neck of eloquence" was something his: he, who so admired Baudelaire, systematically broke the mold of perfection, know-how verses, and invented a chopped poetry, with shreds of phrases, shouting, slang, puns and cartoonish appointments.
It is a Baudelaire disabused of Beauty, exasperated beyond all standards, scoundrel and grotesque key; the great music of "The Flowers of Evil" intepretada the accordio...read more



Book: Los amores amarillos

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