Los empleados

Los empleados - Siegfried Kracauer - Gedisa
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In Germany in the interwar period was occurring phenomenon called the attention of Siegfried Kracauer: the emergence of employees. This group of three and a half million people (of which one third were women) occupied the technical and administrative sectors of trade stalls, banks and transport and constituted an army of employees interchangeable with each other. Their low wages made her insecure existence outside and prospects of independence practically nil. With its eye on Berlin, being in the German capital where public life was being modified significantly by the needs of employees, Kracauer is dedicated to collect quotes, conversations and observations made in situ, with the intention of making a sociological diagnosis, since for the Frankfurter author "knowledge of this situation is not only the necessary condition for all transformations, but which is already a change." In thi...read more


Book: Los empleados

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