Los exaltados

Los exaltados - Robert Musil - Sexto Piso
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Sexto Piso
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Exalted, one of the two plays written by Robert Musil, shows the great capacity of this author to delve into the most fearsome corners of the soul as well as its elegance and narrative precision, this time deployed in the field of drama. A bit like his monumental work, The Man Without Qualities, Musil gets explore and dissect the most profound and subtle elements of the human spirit and its complexities by a rich but simple plot, woven around the events and thoughts of the main characters , in which microcosm is contained and represented a wide range of passions and feelings that have plagued humans throughout time. All the action takes place under the same roof, stage on which develops a continuous and sometimes veiled duel between Anselm and Thomas antagonistic, in which the wife and sister of the latter, Mary and Regine respectively, are both victims and partners the epic drama, li...read more


Book: Los exaltados

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