Los grandes problemas nacionales

Los grandes problemas nacionales - Armando Bartra - Itaca
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Mexico has huge, overwhelming problems Saharan droughts and floods Bible; one stunned economy stagnation incubates whose poverty and unemployment; Salty agricultural crisis with high prices and shortages of basic foodstuffs; growing social exclusion that is added to sexism, racism and classism chronic; drug dishonesty added to the symmetrical dishonesty of war with drug trafficking; authoritarianism; repression; executions; disappearances; forced displacement, death, crying, fear ... But the biggest problem is the widespread belief that these major problems have no solution. The dialogues for the regeneration of Mexico testified that our problems are immense but not with no remedy. The solutions are there and that the salvation of the country and have at hand is everyone impel

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Book: Los grandes problemas nacionales

ISBN: 9786077957362