Los monjes de la guerra

Los monjes de la guerra - Desmond Seward - Edhasa
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The complete and joint history of the Templars, the hospitables (later the Knights of Malta), the Teutonic Knights and the Knights of the Various Peninsular Orders was an outstanding subject of modern historiography until Desmond Seward gave birth to this magnificent, documented and exhaustive essay, in which he recreates events as momentous as the sites of Rhodes and Malta or the destruction of the Templars at the hands of the Inquisition.
The first troops truly disciplined since the time of the Roman Empire played a leading role in the Crusades in Jerusalem, but also in the so-called Baltic Crusades, in the expulsion of Arabs from the Iberian Peninsula and fighting against the "infidels" until Napoleon's time, and even today many of them survive devoted mostly to charitable works. All this is carefully and rigorously addressed by Seward in this splendid studio, which is now ma...read more


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Book: Los monjes de la guerra

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