Los poemas póstumos

Los poemas póstumos - Paul Celan - Trotta
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Paul Celan devoted to publishing only 500 poems, but after his death his legacy was found in almost the same number of posthumous poems. This ratio between the work recognized by the author and his literary actual sample the huge demand that Celan imposed on his poetic writing. The decision about the publication of his poems was varied over the different phases of the creative life of the poet. It is true that unpublished poems are preserved belonging to different periods of the work. But while some volumes as, for example, "From threshold to threshold", "Reja language", "Change of breath" or "Compulsion of light" were collected, with few exceptions, almost all the poems of the period, exist in other periods large sets of unpublished poems, which almost reach extension to the published work. Paul Celan had thought about publishing a handful of posthumous poems, but never this project....read more


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Book: Los poemas póstumos

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