Los secretos de un aprendizaje


Los secretos de un aprendizaje -  AA.VV. - Octaedro
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The secrets of learning (sex-Crets) is a material aimed at all professionals interested in working with adolescents and youth issues related to emotions and sexuality. This is to facilitate dialogue, debate and reflect on love and infatuation, desire, the importance of the group, the relationship with parents, the first relationships, contraception, pregnancy, etc.

The purpose of this training material is on the one hand, contribute to the experience of a positive and healthy emotional and sexual relationships of our teenagers; and on the other hand, give professionals a current dynamic tool that helps them in their interventions.

The years of experience in conducting workshops emotional and sexual education in the Youth Centre for Contraception and Sexuality (CJAS) have made us see the need to renew the dynamics that are used in educational activities to get closer to r...read more

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Book: Los secretos de un aprendizaje

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