Macanudo #3

Macanudo #3 -  Liniers - Sexto Piso
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Sexto Piso
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Hard cover

"Macanudo" is one of those time-honored strips. With more than eleven years of publishing daily in La Nación, Argentina, Liniers has become one of the most important comedians in Latin America, considered by many the successor of Quino. Macanudo 3 is the continuation of the saga in which they compile their hilarious and moving strips, through which they parade their already memorable characters: Enriqueta, Felini, Madariaga, Z-25 The sensitive robot, Oliver the olive, The mysterious man in black , Among many others that inhabit the mental universe of this great rabbit with glasses, in which, who decides to enter, only has to be carried away by colors, forms, reflections and humor.


Book: Macanudo #3

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