Marcel antes de Proust

Marcel antes de Proust - Marcel Proust - Godot
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In Proust there is always sun, there is light, there are nuances, there is aesthetic sense, there is joy to live. Jorge Luis Borges More than twenty years before starting to publish In Search of Lost Time, Marcel Proust took his first steps as a writer. His collaboration with the magazine Le Mensuel, between November of 1890 and September of 1891, constituted until 2012 an unexplored aspect of his literary career. In that year, for the first time, the eleven texts published there by Proust were published in France, recovered by the French bibliophile Jérôme Prieur, author of an extensive introductory study. Four years later, we presented the first translation of these texts into Spanish, by Matías Battistón. Walter Benjamin wrote about Proust: "The society's headstone was for him a clan of criminals, a band of conspirators with which no other can be compared (...) Proust's analysis more



Book: Marcel antes de Proust

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