Marx más allá de Marx

Cuaderno de trabajo sobre los Grundrisse

Marx más allá de Marx - Antonio Negri - Akal
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What is communism? What is class antagonism? What is the class composition that will allow thinking and organizing the transition to the superior mode of production and reproduction of collective liberation? How to think of that formidable intellectual and political challenge that is to organize the subversion of the current capitalist world economy, using its current potential to subject them to a revolutionary project of radical transformation?
In this book Antonio Negri offers a rigorous reading of the Karl Marx Grundrisse, which in his opinion represents the high point of Marxian revolutionary thought, useful for thinking about the reproduction of capital-relationship as a process subordinated to the constitution of class antagonism as transforming force of social reality. From the analysis of the market to social capital, from the world market to communism, from the global more


Book: Marx más allá de Marx

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