Más allá del miedo

Superar rápidamente las fobias, las obsesiones y el pánico

Más allá del miedo - Giorgio Nardone - Paidós
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Fear is a monster that we invent ourselves and we then scares and chases. If there are no limits to our imagination, there are also our ability to imagine fears. However, precisely because it is our construction, we can also destroy the pathological fear. If we evoke Ghost to and then we fled, we will pursue fiercely. If, instead, we play and we face it, it will fail. In this book, bright and pleasant reading, Giorgio Nardone takes the reader on a journey into the discovery of the great unknown that is the "pathological fear". But the author is not limited to illustrate their features, it sets out clearly the most effective and affordable way therapeutic methods, all with examples, stories and stories of real cases. The purpose of Beyond Fear is to explain to the general public what forms of pathological fear are, how they form, how they develop and how can we force them to disappear...read more


Book: Más allá del miedo

ISBN: 9788449314797