Más allá del principio del placer

Más allá del principio del placer - Sigmund Freud - Akal
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Beyond the Pleasure Principle was written by Freud between March and May 1919, later modified and published in 1920. It is known as the "great turn" of the 1920s, as it constitutes a fundamental theoretical rearrangement of his theory. In it the author, although he had already drawn attention to the repetition compulsion as a clinical phenomenon, attributes here the characteristics of a drive. Likewise, he raises for the first time the new dichotomy between Eros and the death instincts and presents indications of the new structural picture of the mind that will dominate all of his later writings. Finally, the problem of destructiveness, increasingly prominent in his theoretical works, makes its first explicit appearance.


Book: Más allá del principio del placer

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