Medios, pantallas y otros lugares comunes

Sobre cambios e intercambios verbales y visuales en tiempos mediáticos

Medios, pantallas y otros lugares comunes - Lisa Block de Behar - Katz
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Tapa Blanda

If even not much ago the common place opposed visual forms and verbal forms, media today has suspended opposition between pages and screens, and has caused the voice to be seen. Hence the interest in sketching a screen theory that considers the agreements between the subject he sees and the subject that is seen, the metamorphosis in media transitions, the incursions of the fictional space in another space but which, put on screen, disintgregated or concentrated in sites, is beshed and occupied by imitation, reproduction, by the copious frenzy of the copy. Media, screens and other common places thus deals with "the fullness of vision that officiates endless networks, and which makes the lyrics visible, as if by technology were returned to the iconic origin of writing, from the letter to the ideogram, from reading to vision and referring, from the new world of screens, to a more arcane more


Book: Medios, pantallas y otros lugares comunes

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