Memorial Device

Una alucinada historia oral de la escena postpunk en airdrie coatbridge y alrededores 1978 - 1986

Memorial Device - David Keenan - Sexto Piso
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Sexto Piso
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Articulated from a hallucinogenic series of interviews with former members of the post-punk scene of the small and desolate Scottish town of Airdrie (and surroundings), Memorial Device aims to reconstruct, through the most delirious testimonies, the short history of the legendary Memorial Device, considered the best band out of the city, a visionary band, darn underground and damn, a bright meteor towards the nothingness that seems to be quintessential to all the dark, abysmal and spoiled groups of that convulsive and feverish time, beginning with Joy Division.

With this fictitious documentary investigation about an equally fictitious group -which in turn serves to present us with a heterogeneous and extravagant gallery of characters and to map the peculiar artistic and musical scene of the place, full of bizarre bands that make the abnormality its raison d'être- David Keenan more

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Book: Memorial Device

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