Memorias de dos jóvenes esposas

Memorias de dos jóvenes esposas - Hornoré de Balzac - Funambulista
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When Louise and Renée, the two protagonists of the novel, leave the convent of Blois, separated by the remoteness but united by a deep friendship, they begin a correspondence in which they describe their most intimate sensations about their existence outside the walls of the closing: Louise returns to Paris, where she will know the worldly life of the capital and novelist love with a banished Spanish nobleman; Renée returns to the monotonous and austere life of provinces and resigns himself to a marriage apparently of convenience and to a destiny already written.

In this epistolar novel, Balzac approaches the female universe through the eyes of a strong and determined woman, who rebels against the established, and another, docile and submissive, who seems to accept without discussing the choices of others: both are forced to travel divergent paths in search of happiness, but more


Book: Memorias de dos jóvenes esposas

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