Mesianismo en la filosofía

De Benjamin a Derrida

Mesianismo en la filosofía - Mar Rosàs Tosas - Herder
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This essay invites us to explore the amazing presence of messianic notions from the Judeo-Christian tradition in contemporary continental philosophy. Mar Rosàs shows how, in the last century, the messianic logic has been to articulate a vision of a community that longs for the arrival of a savior to ally themselves with a certain Marxism to configure the proposals of the more radical left, to settle within a philosophy of language that celebrates the phenomenon of the death of God and contribute to the reformulation of certain tenets of psychoanalysis.

The author is especially fixed conceptions of time and the law in the messianic logic. What distinguishes the historical time of the Messianic time? Do you have an address, time? Should we try to reach an end of the story in which the stresses acting as its engine are resolved? On the other hand, in the messianic stories, the more


Book: Mesianismo en la filosofía

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