Miradas encontradas

Sociedades y ciudadanías de España y Estados Unidos

Miradas encontradas -  AA.VV. - Catarata
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Tapa Blanda

The title of this book tries to expose a scenario, that of the glances found between societies and citizens that inhabit both sides of the Atlantic. Throughout its recent history, Spaniards and Americans have shared experiences, welcomed the past and looked at each other with suspicion. Therefore, the relationship between the two citizens is also the account of their (dis)encounters. Citizens of both countries have woven over the 20th century, and apart from officiality, relationships whose fruits are worth tracking. This book collects some of those experiences: stories about human groups and people whose life experience unfolded on both continents, despite the sociopolitical circumstances of each moment or precisely in relation to them. The modernizing process, the role of women in education, the journeys and learnings of Spaniards in exile, the topics, prejudices and legends that ha...read more


Book: Miradas encontradas

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