Misión de vida

Misión de vida - Valeria Nuñez - Grupo Rodrigo Porrúa
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Grupo Rodrigo Porrúa
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What are my true abilities? What do I need to do with my life? Why am I here at this moment? Why do I live what I live? Why do I generate people who lead me to live the same experiences ? Why do I belong to this family? In our walk on earth we are assisted by different beings, among them our beloved angels, they give us comfort, accompaniment, wisdom and love, helping us to connect with our missions on earth in order to evolve as souls and from our service, in connection with our being, we contribute with the light for the evolution of other beings. All as part of the whole we experience ourselves in fullness, freedom, inner peace, happiness and prosperity. Once you integrate the reality of what you are, a spiritual being, living an earthly experience, you will be able to find all the answers.


Book: Misión de vida

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