Motivos visuales del cine

Motivos visuales del cine -  AA.VV. - Galaxia Gutenberg
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Galaxia Gutenberg
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Why do we link certain images in radically different films, beyond authors, countries and times? Because they refer to recurring visual motifs, which are related to the language of cinema: the window, the nape of the neck, the staircase, the mirror, the duel, the scar, the destruction of the set, the labyrinth, the scream, the horizon and many others included in this book. Through the more than sixty motifs analyzed here by many other international authors and the nearly one thousand films cited, the visual impact of these intense filmic images, which are capable of shaking, and which connect with the iconographic tradition, can be traced. They are visual motifs that in their repetitions and differences enliven the emotional memory of the viewer beyond all classification, and thus propose a new way of thinking about the history of cinema through some insistent forms that resist the more


Book: Motivos visuales del cine

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