Mujer deseada, mujer deseante

Las mujeres construyen su sexualidad

Mujer deseada, mujer deseante - Danièle Flaumenbaum - Editorial Gedisa
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Editorial Gedisa
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In a time of obvious achievements in women's rights and Theoretical equal access to employment, eradicate taboos and release of sexual mores, Dr. Danièle Flaumenbaum notes, however, through her work with women in these years, which some still consider their unsatisfied sex life. For Dr. Flaumenbaum is clear that social standards are not the intimate experience that freedom and satisfaction is derived. In the way of affection, little daughter captures the happiness of the mother at the pleasure of motherhood result of sex. Check sexual maturity, lovemaking will be abandoned and being loved, but also receive and welcome him, both in his head and in his sex. But to fully feel the pleasure a woman must know the codes of sexual emotion and understand the emotional and sensual women of her family had sent a baggage. Dr. Flaumenbaum, gynecologist, psychoanalyst and specialist in traditional more


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Book: Mujer deseada, mujer deseante

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