Musica de mierda

Un ensayo romántico sobre el buen gusto, el clasismo y los prejuicios en el pop

Musica de mierda - Carl Wilson - Blackie Books
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We hum the songs we say hate. We only get excited singing when no one sees us. We cry with ballads that we have mocked before. We lie about what we like to be accepted. And we say that the others have very bad taste. Considered one of the best aesthetic essays on the musical taste of the decade, Música de mierda investigates bad taste and musical sensibility based on a contradiction: why is the person who sells the most records the most people who laugh? Carl Wilson wanted to do some research on Céline Dion's success but found himself writing a wonderful essay on love (to music), snobbery as a breastplate, and the capacity for emotion in times of cynicism


Book: Musica de mierda

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