Música de una corte aniquilada

Música de una corte aniquilada - Luis Gutiérrez del Arroyo - Dairea
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Anthology of the poetic work of Luis Gutiérrez del Arroyo produced between 1995 and 2011, which shows the relationship between music and poetry, much deeper than imagined.

The poems have been selected for their references to ancient music, dance and singing, historical instruments, ministriles of the court and mendicant musicians, who contemplated the wealth, banquets, dance and love of the powerful, separated from them by their beloved arcs, their keyboards, their wind pipes, their voices. Courtly troubadours, dressed in the modest clothes of the road, established their melodies and their verses over opulence and time. They still ride by pentagrams and memories.

In the verses of Luis Gutiérrez del Arroyo we barely hear the present: what they sound are the echoes of ancient events whose vibration has not yet been extinguished in the mind of the poet, although he is fully...read more

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Book: Música de una corte aniquilada

ISBN: 9788493967215