Música mexicana contemporánea

Música mexicana contemporánea - Leonora Saavedra - Fondo de Cultura Económica
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This book brings together interviews made by the authors to several contemporary Mexican composers: Rodolfo Halffter, Manuel Enríquez, Joaquín Gutiérrez Heras, Alicia Urreta, Mario Lavista, Francisco Núñez, Federico Ibarra and Daniel Catán. Oral compilation and testimonial document of an important period in the history of Mexican music, this book allows readers to enter the creative world of the composers interviewed, to the period of their formative years, to the knowledge of their "poetics" Of his achievements in the field of music. Through these pages, we gain access to a panorama of musical activity in Mexico since the fall of nationalism - hatched in the early 1950s - to the emergence of the various trends of contemporary or avant-garde music, also known as "new music ". "The interview - say the authors of this work - is a genre,...read more


Book: Música mexicana contemporánea

ISBN: 2600000000064