Nacimiento y filiación

Un examen filosófico de la relación entre padres e hijos

Nacimiento y filiación - Fernando Ojea - Arena libros
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Arena libros
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What is born? If philosophy has been proposed as task thinking the abyss, ie, the bottomless prevent the reconciliation of what will always remain separated by the gap that it opens, this gap appears to us with all its force of attraction in the mere act of being born. Nacer is both cross a chasm as simultaneously constitute, as born, for that abyss into which the born, in connivance with nothingness, has led to its birth.

Nacer is inaugurating a start in the unprecedented while the beginning of the unprecedented. So what here -a first birth of the act is also called irreducible we appear thrown into a singularity from which our own initiation of births takes place; so what here -a second act of birth- is also called open ourselves for the first time to a horizon of possibilities that unpredictably will have to develop to the end. At first when it itself is, for the latter, more


Book: Nacimiento y filiación

ISBN: 9788495897954