Nadie está seguro con un libro entre las manos

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Nadie está seguro con un libro entre las manos - Santiago Alba Rico - Catarata
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The reading experience is always determined by two material coordinates. One has to do with the text, which comes to us in deferred, in the distance of a past that, crystallized and preserved between the book's caps, as in a can of preserves, ceased to exist long ago and thus reaches us cushioned, stripped and defeated: it is what we call fiction. The other coordinate has to do with the reader's body. Reading calls for the seated posture and more or less comfortable conditions for concentration. Reading is somehow getting gent. You can also read, it is true, in a trench or standing in a subway car, but to such an extent the book imposes ergonomic rules of reception that, just open its pages, even baked in the middle of a storm, reading protects us both from the truths contained in the book and from the world in which we read it. This difference in time and comfort in space are the more


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Book: Nadie está seguro con un libro entre las manos

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