Nadie viene

Nadie viene - Jezreel Salazar - Cuadrivio
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"Inspiration: embrace the knowledge that does not belong to us," writes Jezreel Salazar in one of the aphorisms that make up No one comes. Does not say the phrase "appropriation", does not say, either, "genealogy"; To do so would be to suppose that someone hides behind what is written, that someone introduces himself or herself in what we write. Instead, Salazar's aphorisms move in another choreography of references: nobody comes because the possible guests (in both senses: who receives and who is received) do not arrive, they were already present. The aphoristic writing of Jezreel Salazar escapes the need to deliver closed pearls of knowledge, his is openness and recognition: the grammar of the common forms that surround and encourage doubt, warning and reflection. In the literary tradition of aphorism, the essential is usually thought of in the indissoluble unity of forcefulness. A more




Book: Nadie viene

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