La vida después de la guerra nuclear

Nagasaki - Susan Southard - Capitán Swing
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The explosion destroyed factories, shops and homes and killed 74,000 people while it hurt another 75,000. The two atomic bombs signaled the end of a global war, but for the tens of thousands of survivors it was the beginning of a new life marked with the stigma of being hibakusha (affected by the atomic bomb). Susan Southard has spent a decade interviewing and investigating the lives of the hibakusha, and the raw and emotional eyewitness statements. His testimonies reconstruct the days, months and years after the bombing, hospital isolation and recovery, the difficulty of re-entering everyday life, and the enduring impact of having suffered a nuclear attack and its aftermath.

Nagasaki's power lies in the detail of the survivors' stories, as the deaths continued for decades due to radiation contamination, which caused various forms of cancer. Intimate and compassionate, based more

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Book: Nagasaki

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