Noche mía, rival mía

Noche mía, rival mía - Marina Tsvietáieva - Llantén
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Tapa Blanda

To bring the poetry of Marina Tsvietáieva we decided to do it in parts. We took the years 1915 and 1916 as a key time in his life and in pre-revolutionary Russia, especially the poems that have not been translated into Spanish and those that were not translated directly from Russian. Two years after the Great War and months after the outbreak of the Revolution, Marina Tsvietáieva, 25 years old, meets the Acmeist poet Osip Mandelstam, has a lover and writes the series of poems called Insomnia.
To get closer to the Tsvietáieva phenomenon, the project covers several formats: a book of poems translated by Natalia Litvinova, entitled "Noche mía, rival mi," with a prologue where the translator recounts her trip to Moscow to see Marina's house. The original texts in Russian will be available on the page in a pdf version of free download. Both in the book and on the website, Josefina more



Book: Noche mía, rival mía

ISBN: 9789874261342