Nueva York. Ida y vuelta

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Nueva York. Ida y vuelta - Henry Miller - Edhasa
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Henry Miller arrived late to the 1920s expatriate group, among which writers such as Hemingway or Fitzgerald broke out brilliantly into the literary firmament. By the time Miller moved to Paris, at the urging of his wife June, America was entering the Great Depression and Hitler's shadow was beginning to move across Europe. Shortly thereafter, Miller knew and began a long relationship with Anaïs Nin, to which he traveled to New York in 1935. The trip and experiences brought him to write that same year "New York. More diary than novel, written from the self and the author's own subjectivity, this work is a long and amusing letter that Miller addresses to his close friend Alfred Perlés, a letter full of vivid impressions and scandalous reflections, which includes also a fresh enjoyment of his trip, thus forming a portrait as comical as the genius of the author and his birthplace. In more



Book: Nueva York. Ida y vuelta

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