Nu)n(ca - Luigi Amara - Sexto Piso
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Sexto Piso
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In a photograph a woman appears on her back. Show the back of your neck, show the nakedness of your shoulder, resign without fuss, but with ostentatious dignity, to look straight ahead. The woman turns her back on the photographer and, once his finger presses the shutter, he turns his back on the world, the future, us. Nu) n (ca is the result of a spell. Planted in front of the photograph taken by Onésipe Aguado, Luigi Amara observes how a labyrinth is built inside, which will then wander without leaving behind a thread that saves it. Advances through the drifting poem, as if the long footnote it builds has some detective adventure or track tracking that as it unfolds shows that its substance is time and its background death.Nothing opens a spectrum where everything is possible.The poem disintegrates invoking the possibility that the protagonist is a bearded woman, a widow or a more


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Book: Nu)n(ca

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