Obra completa (1935-1977)

Obra completa (1935-1977)  - Blas de Otero - Galaxia Gutenberg
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Galaxia Gutenberg
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For the first time, the complete work (1935-1977) by Blas de Otero meets. This unit volume, of verse and prose, contains all the books that the poet published in life with another posthumous, Leaves of Madrid with La galerna, anticipated by this same editorial, and two others that left unpublished: Poetry and History (verse) and New feigned and true stories (prose). A succinct, and also unpublished, History (almost) of my life renders accounts of work and biography. A complement of unpublished and scattered poems from his earliest youth rounds out the vision of Oterian poetry, meticulously arranged by Sabina de la Cruz, his greatest scholar, who has written and printed manuscripts to clarify the work of one of the great Spanish poets of the century Xx.

Blas incites a way of being or being, and engenders, but never by the tribal proximity of the person, the rare bond of fidelity...read more

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Book: Obra completa (1935-1977)

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