Obrar mal, decir la verdad

Obrar mal, decir la verdad - Michel Foucault - Siglo XXI Editores
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Siglo XXI Editores
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Invited by the School of Criminology of the Catholic University of Leuven, in 1981 Michel Foucault dictates the six classes of the course "Evil, tell the truth". The role of confession in justice, in a context marked by debates between abolitionists and supporters of "tough" positions on the reform of the Penal Code. In that sense, the course contributes to undermine the criminological discourse of danger. But Foucault goes further: he reflects on the long history of confession, of "telling the truth" in the judicial and religious institutions of the West, of the powers and effects of the obligation to tell the truth about himself.
As a presentation, it evokes a truly dramatic scene that takes place in the mid-nineteenth century: a French psychiatrist induces a patient who has suffered delusions and hallucinations to acknowledge that nothing he has reported has happened,...read more


Book: Obrar mal, decir la verdad

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