Ontología y vanguardias

Orígenes de la estética de la fragmentación

Ontología y vanguardias - Benjamín Valdivia - Calygramma
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The present volume carries out a systematic approach to the problem of the real in the artistic avant-gardes, in order to clarify the ontological formulations within the poetics of these. For this, the development of modernity in its philosophical positions of greater weight is reviewed before the manifest declarations of the artists of the early twentieth century. In this journey an overall interpretation is attempted, indicated by what the author has called in a previous work "the fragmentation of the theoretical unity." In large part, understanding the avant-garde spirit depends on correctly locating the demands of reality, both internally and externally to art. Although abundant historical references are presented here, it is not a matter of art history, but of an aesthetic nature. The strategy is to start from the precision, both in the historical and the theoretical order, of th...read more



Book: Ontología y vanguardias

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