Ovarimonio ¿Yo guerrillera?

Ovarimonio ¿Yo guerrillera? - G. Gladys López Hernández - Itaca
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This book contains a touching and honest account of life in which episodes ranging from the childhood of the protagonist to his actions and efforts of political and social struggle in events that marked the life of many Mexicans generates-tions are narrated.The author collected in these pages some of his experiences in his committed performance with political ideals of social justice. Your social struggle begins with its valuable activity in the organization and consolidation of the People School before the student-popular movement of 1968. The repression of October 2, 68 and June 10, 71 not undermined his activism and collaboration with movement urban guerrilla by-les cua was arrested, tortured and political prisoner between 1971 and 1974. Later participates in the major strike of the company's state-owned Radio Aeronautics Mexi-cana union insurgency during the seventies.This story a...read more

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Book: Ovarimonio ¿Yo guerrillera?

ISBN: 9786077957508