Pájaro que ensucia su propio nido

Pájaro que ensucia su propio nido - Juan Goytisolo - Galaxia Gutenberg
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Galaxia Gutenberg
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Throughout his newspaper articles, the fruit of an unusual lucidity and critical awareness, Juan Goytisolo draws attention to the great injustices that compromise our own values.
The most scathing, critical and lucid Goytisolo appears in this compilation of articles published in various media from 1975 to the present day. Topics that include the Spanish transition to the upheavals of the Islamic world, the war in the Persian Gulf, Sarajevo, the human rights situation, the capitalist system or immigration problems. A journey through our most recent history, gutting reality from within, without making concessions.
In this book, Goytisolo appropriates an expression by Gu nter Grass and vindicates the role of authors who "litter their own nest" against the intellectuals he defines as "trained pigeons." Because, in the society in which we live, he assures him, "the portrait of ...read more



Book: Pájaro que ensucia su propio nido

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