Patologías de la modernidad

Patologías de la modernidad - José Ángel Bergua Amores - Catarata
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The crisis of modernity may be because of the unsustainability of patriarchal culture, which has exaggerated its attributes to pathological limits. But the solution proposed by the author is not to move from one side of the bar to another that separates the masculine from the feminine, but of replacing the bar with a hyphen, with a union. Bergua explores in these pages the relationship that we individuals have with the natural environment, with others, with ourselves and with our way of organizing our societies, and proposes alternative proposals or "exits" to models that offer environmentalism, racism and xenophobia, hedonism and politics. And all this in a context of the border between modernity and postmodernity: a cut between two worldviews where the subject experiences the inconsistencies, defeats and triumphs of a new time, devoid of handles.


Book: Patologías de la modernidad

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