Pedagogía liberadora

Pedagogía liberadora - Paulo Freire - Catarata
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The terms "pedagogy of the oppressed", "awareness" or "education as a practice of freedom" are part of a critical discourse that developed, for almost half a century, the thinker Paulo Freire. From a philosophical anthropology that from the outset integrated, with materialistic analysis of the vital situation of human beings, political practice and the ontological dimension, his work forms a broad and productive set of responses to the structures of social domination that feeds on Marxism, the theology of liberation, decolonial epistemology and the processes of liberation of subaltern subjects. The texts contained in this volume show a Freire for which there is no division between theory and practice, which cries out the reflection on our historical status as human beings in situation with the elaboration of techniques and methodologies aimed at the collective production of knowledge.


Book: Pedagogía liberadora

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