¡Peligro! Hombres trabajando

El trabajo en la era de la crisis ecológico-social

¡Peligro! Hombres trabajando - Jorge Riechmann - Catarata
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Work (as a reproductive and productive activity, not as wage labor) was, is and will continue to be one of the fundamental forms of social bond, in addition to the essential mediation between the world that human beings and nature build. However, in the era of the global socio-ecological crisis, and of a late capitalism already more deadly decomposed than mature, difficult questions are certainly raised when reflecting on it... should we restrict the concept in a way that only includes activities carried out with monetary consideration? Should we abolish it, in such a view? Do we assume and suffer as a yoke or biblical punishment, as alienation and oppression, or can we think of it—in a post-capitalist society—as a place of self-realization? The texts that make up this anthology, preceded by an introduction by Jorge Riechmann, provide notions that will help us in the joint task of for...read more




Book: ¡Peligro! Hombres trabajando

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