Pierden la sonrisa

Pierden la sonrisa - Santiago I. Flores - Itaca
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Isabel, a seller of books-and-read, to answer the unjust but legal authoritarian kidnapping body of his close friend Genaro, is launched by map and territory after a relative hazy steps that can rescatarl cuerpo.Ella has suffered the kidnapping and torture by the criminal ideological leader of the National Corporation for Urban Developers known as the Chupacasas who, knowing impunity, it gives him the same modernize the Lacandon jungle or the six sections of Chapultepec Park to the public park San Isidro. But Isabel is not alone, nor Genaro's body; Social networking helps you along the narrative actually lived by Isabel is growing and multiplying across borders in a global web.I love the dogs, dead love, love for love itself and love for life


Book: Pierden la sonrisa

ISBN: 9786077957751