Poema a tres voces de Minase. Renga

Poema a tres voces de Minase. Renga -  AA.VV. - Sexto Piso
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Sexto Piso
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In the fifteenth century, on the eve of a spring day, three great poets gathered in the sanctuary of Minase to celebrate one of the most beautiful and old ceremonies of which the world has memory: the writing of a collective poem which, Over the years, would become one of the greatest literary works in the history of the Far East. And today, for the first time, it is translated into our language. The verses of this poem were intended to be an offering for a time already in ruins: the time of the ancient political and cultural splendor that was born under the protection of the Japanese aristocracy. Facing the ruins of aristocratic splendor, Minase manifests itself not only as an offering, but as the last effort to rebuild that moment, that era where beauty, subtlety and a moral code based on dignity, Justice ruled the world. Minase shows us the first vocation of poetry: a liturgical co...read more

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Book: Poema a tres voces de Minase. Renga

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