Poemas filosóficos

Poemas filosóficos - Rubén Darío - Hiperión
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Edition, introduction and notes by Alberto Acereda.
Successive revisions critical to Hispanic century have been changing the monolithic reading called Modernism. One of the least studied but most favorable global understanding of such movement is the philosophical dimension variants. In the poetry of Darío is a systematic effort to uncover the eternal enigma of the meaning of human existence inthe world, and its "philosophical poems" beyond a historical moment to approach our currency to be located in the universal expression of l agonizing spiritual conflict secular and contemporary man. From this view, the anthologist analyzes the successive parallas and even philosophical poetic contradictory Darius that, for lyrics addresses, known as poetic knowledge, poetry of the (dis) hope and anguish, spiritual and occult poetic and, finally, esoteric poetry, analyzing them from a wide ...read more

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Book: Poemas filosóficos

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