Política y violencia en la España contemporánea I

Política y violencia en la España contemporánea I - Eduardo González Calleja - Akal
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The difficulties for the establishment of stable social, political and institutional structures in Spain throughout the nineteenth century have been closely related to the violence that characterized the liberal revolutionary process in its various stages. This work highlights the political, social, economic and cultural aspects that contributed to the shaping and development of the various violent repertoires and archetypes, showing their origin, their ideological justification, their strategic components, their practical results and their dissemination in space and time. It also pays attention to the devices (military, militia, police, government, judicial, legislative ...) for the defense of the State, in their mutual interaction with groups that challenge their authority. Finally, it deals with an analysis in comparative terms with other Latin European countries, such as Portugal,...read more


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Book: Política y violencia en la España contemporánea I

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